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July 10, 2020
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In the Spotlight

Suited Men Least Likely 2 Give Subway Seats to Pregnant Women

By Lisa M. Collins

South Brooklyn Post Food Writer Erin Behan writes about city parenting issues. Check out her casual survey of particular groups of people who are more and less likely to give up their seats in the subway to a pregnant lady. She found that men in business suits, and Hasidic men in particular, were the least likely to give up their seats. Latino men and African-American women were more likely to do so.

What’s been your experience?


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Readers' Comments

Lisa M. Collins
March 18, 2011
4:13 PM

Hi there Landlord 369,
Hasidic is underlined because it is linked to a webpage. The links get underlined in the stories.

March 18, 2011
4:05 PM

I didn’t expect anyone to give me a seat on the subway when I was pregnant. Why is Hasidic underlined? Why should men be expected to give up their seats over women? I just don’t get it. What happened to equality? Pregnant women are NOT ill. Seats should be given to the elderly/disabled.