News & Culture in Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill and Points Nearby
May 23, 2015
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Author Archives: Lisa M. Collins

Best Biscotti at Court Pastry

Italian shop owned by Zerillis for 67 years.

Flavor Paper: Bespoke Wallpaper, Fine Art

Visit the factory, on Pacific near Smith

Italian Social Club: Pride, History, War

A block on Court Street named after Carroll Gardens immigrants from Mola di Bari, Italy.

Beg Zahra for PorkBelly Miracles

If you haven't, go to Brucie on Court.

A Great Card Store

The best around, on Court. Old-school.

Sidewalk Runway: Skate Away the Blues

Diner owner rollerblades every day from Prospect Heights to 42nd Street in Manhattan.

Mama Maria: Carroll Gardens

Role of women and tradition split Ital-Americans.

Smoker Revolt: Cobble Hill

Clarence "King" Berry, a top college student at age 68, challenges someone, anyone, to arrest him for smoking cigarettes in Cobble Hill Park on Clinton Street.

Carroll Gardens in Bloom

Dina Assad, who learned to garden in Jerusalem, and mom of Zaytoon's owner, is proud of her Union Street garden. Check out photo gallery.

Will Smith’s Men in Black Films in Carroll Gardens

Crowds turn out for filming of Men in Black III, Will Smith's new feature, on Court Street from Carroll Gardens to Cobble Hill.