News & Culture in Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill and Points Nearby
January 24, 2021
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Donate: Support South Brooklyn Post


Hi readers! As some of you may know, we launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign over the holidays that sort of fizzled out in January, due to our a) poor timing; and b) dedication to journalism and life in general. But our efforts to provide you with original, professional, in-depth, opinionated and thoughtful local news and commentary, and provide a heads up about the best in local arts and restaurants, continues with great gusto.

Please check out our video, which tells a bit about who we are, and what we are trying to do.¬†We are a very, very small operation, and we are trying to raise funds so that we can hire more writers, provide more content, and perhaps hire an advertising sales person so that we can do more of everything. We operate on a shoestring. Everything is done by a few people dedicated to their craft and to professional journalism and local news. We’ve taken hard looks at what’s going on with the Gowanus Superfund Site and the Whole Foods store; with air pollution on the waterfront; with crowding at our local schools and with crime. We’d like to cover more–more local events, music and art, more local environmental and political and school issues. Your support will help us do that.

If you find yourself as one of our 10,000 monthly readers, please consider donating to South Brooklyn Post. Help us to expand and grow. From $10 to $200, we’ll make every penny count (we haven’t made a dime so far, and all donations will get funneled into our local news operation.) We will use the money to pay journalists and writers to cover our neighborhoods more thoroughly.

Most importantly—Keep reading! And let us know your thoughts.

All best,