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January 27, 2021
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In the Spotlight

Brooklyn Overtakes Paris

By Lisa M. Collins

For so long now, every global city with panache wanted to be Paris (Paris of the East, Paris of the North, etc.) Now it’s Brooklyn, according to a feature by The Associated Press. Brooklyn whisky bars are popping up everywhere, with bartenders in suspenders and with mucho curled facial hair. Even Paris is aspiring to be Brooklyn (depressing!). I was there in summer of 2013, and was shocked that nearly all the brasseries and cafes offered fancy expensive hamburgers with french fries (oh the irony). Twenty years ago if you ordered “hamburger” in Paris the French waiters would surmise you with great disdain, and if you insisted, would serve you a platter of raw ground beef (beef tartare) with a snort (as well they should have. You can see that I travelled with Americans).

It’s too bad because every day, Brooklyn is less Brooklyn, and more a luxury brand called Brooklyn. All those quirky little owner-operated businesses that gave the borough it’s charm are closing every week due to doubling and tripling rents, every day you hear of someone moving, or thinking of moving, to a less expensive town or suburb outside the city.

The jewelry repair shop on Court is now boarded up.

So there you go.



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