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September 27, 2020
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LICH Will Be Condos, After All

By Lisa M. Collins

It appears the fight is over. The State University of New York has sold LICH hospital on Henry at Amity to developers Fortis Property Group for $240 million. If all gets approved, NYU Langone Medical Center will build an ambulatory care center at the site, and the rest will be condominiums.

It’s been a long long battle — community groups and local politician yelled loudly against the closure of LICH. But it seems only a few state approvals are pending.

Read more at The Brooklyn Eagle.

My question — will the city or state require the developers to put up any money to build schools and expand our water and sewer system, already stretched to a stinky stinky degree at the Gowanus Canal??

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Readers' Comments

Walter Iwachiw
October 28, 2014
4:36 PM

As a WTC first responder and WTC family member it is important that the exposures to WTC dust in Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens be treated and compensated, the first step is creating a World Class Hospital in Brooklyn Heights to treat those exposed.

All should know that I offered 210 million for the LICH Hospital and wanted to maintain it as a full Hospital to treat the Brooklyn Heights and Queens and Staten Island 9-11-2001 affected residents which have shown an elevated stomach cancer which we believe is linked to the months of smoke billowing in the air to Brooklyn , Queens and Staten Island.

SUNY refused to rank the offer I made and NYS DOH returned, unopened an envelope requesting healthcare licenses for the LICH Hospital facility like nursing home,hospital , homecare, emergency room etc.. with the return of the Ohmer Trust the end cost would have been 70 million dollars for this 700 million in property.