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March 5, 2021
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Sad News With Exploding Rents

By Lisa M. Collins
Card Store 2

Say goodbye to Eddie at Classic Impressions card and gift shop on Court Street.

It seems silly to even mention it. It’s like, Why does the rooster crow in the morning? We know he’s going to do it. He does it anyway. So predictable. A habit, clearly. But here we go: Rents are getting outrageous on Court Street. Old timers are getting priced out. Cock-a-doodle-doo.

Sadly, my favorite card and knick-knack shop, Classic Impressions, on Court, next to Court Pastry, between Degraw and Douglass, is closing. The building’s owner wanted to increase the rent by five-times, according to my source. So the shop, which seriously had THE BEST cards — a card for every occasion, every personality, from sentimental to hilarious, from beautiful to irreverent —  is closing. It’ll be replaced by a Pilates studio, because clearly we need another exercise gym. I was almost disappointed that it wasn’t a bank.

The only speckle of good news about this is that Classic Impressions is offering its inventory at 50 percent off. So go stock up on birthday cards and holiday napkins. (And don’t forget to patronize our other fabulous old-school and family-owned shops: Caputo’s bread, Esposito’s butchery, Los Paisanos meat shop on Smith, Monteleone’s bakery, Caputo’s cheese and fine foods, Court Pastry… among others….).

Casa Rosa, on the corner of Court and Carroll, is also closing due to increased rents. I’ve heard the owner is now asking $25,000 a month for that location – not too surprising since the space is so large, with a party room in back, and it’s on the corner, near the park and elementary school. I’m shocked Casa Rosa stayed open as long as it did. It was almost always empty. I’m selfishly hoping someone opens a green grocer there so I don’t have to walk down to K & Y, on Court between Degraw and Douglass, or to Sue and Joe’s place (I think it’s actually called Santos Market), the organic bodega on Court between 2nd Place and 3rd Place, for fruits and vegetables (If the baby is tantrumming or needs a nap, walking an extra 10 blocks round trip can seem like hiking  to Siberia while someone’s beating you with a hammer. This is something that any baby caretaker can relate to entirely. My husband thinks it’s insane, “Why can’t you just walk down to K & Y or Sue’s place?” he says. “They’re so close!” We’ve fought over this, seriously, over how close is 10 blocks round trip. But that’s another story for another day.) And, I will always support Sue and Joe’s organic market cause those guys are awesome, and they have a great selection of organic food and groceries.

Joe, the 92-year-old who owns and manages Marietta, on Court between Carroll and First Place, says he’s only still in business because he owns the building.

“It’s a hobby,” says Joe, of his shop, which, little tip if you haven’t been in, sells great socks and gloves and underpants and long johns at very inexpensive prices. Socks for a while were $1…..  Stay tuned for our photos and feature story on Marietta, coming soon.


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