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September 29, 2020
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In the Spotlight

Times: School Recess Getting Eliminated

By Lisa M. Collins

We are so dog-gone competitive in New York City, that sometimes, we don’t see the forest through the trees. It’s not news to parents of kids in public schools, but an article this week in The New York Times indicates that at many of the city’s competitive schools, recess is getting eliminated in a sense, as that time is now getting scheduled for “learning” or practicing activities or sports. This, despite reports that kids perform better when they are given free time. In Northern Europe, where kids score the highest on global tests in high school, kids don’t even go to academic schooling till they are 6 or 7, but instead explore the snow fields and waterways of their lovely land. Alas. To live with the reindeer.

Read more in the Times.


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Readers' Comments

December 12, 2011
9:23 PM

I’ve got to chime in here that Waldorf School students are thriving in NYC. The kids go outside everyday and have a lot of time for free movement and play as they digest the (non-burdensomely delivered) rigorous curriculum.

Check it out: I work there and my three children attend in the lower school. They are each very different individuals but their experience in this holistic educational environment has really met them and brought vitality into their lives after trying other educational models (without recess 🙂