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January 27, 2021
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Thieves Target Cars

By Lisa M. Collins

Crime around South Brooklyn is down, but robberies are still an issue. Last week in the 76th precinct—the area encompassing Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, Gowanus and Red Hook—eight robberies were reported, which is high for this area. Most were around the vicinity of the Gowanus housing projects, located between Hoyt and Bond, Douglas and Wyckoff streets.

One was a “pretty serious case,” according to my source in the police department, a case that resulted in a “really good arrest.”

A woman was walking down Smith Street, listening to her iPhone, “minding her own business, with no idea what was going on,” and two women and a man approached her and tried to intimidate her.

“She kind of shoved them away. They got physical with her. They jumped her, and hit her,” my source says.

The thieves stole her wallet and phone.

Two hours later, the police were having a crime meeting, and looked at video of the incident. After the meeting, one of the officers noticed a woman wearing the same clothes as one of the perps in the video. They took her in. She had one of the stolen credit cards on her. The cops then nabbed a man suspected in the incident, a 20-year-old found guilty in four prior robberies.

The robbery happened on a Thursday, the arrests were completed by Friday.

“It was a good arrest,” my source says. “Information was exchanged, and we worked as a team.”

Phones are still a hot item for thieves to steal. The phones are “never” retrieved by the cops, my source says. It’s unclear exactly what is done with the phones, though they are likely sold on the street.

A bad month for cars

In another case in January that had everyone talking, three late model Toyotas and a Lexus were stolen in Cobble Hill, around Baltic and Henry.

A woman reported her black 2009 Lexus RX stolen from Baltic, between Court and Clinton.

Police believe the incidents were a fluke, random. The cars were probably taken as part of a larger ring of thieves who dipped into the neighborhood because of our proximity to the BQE, my source says.

“We never really have cars taken,” my source says.

When cars are reported stolen in South Brooklyn, it’s often because people forgot where they parked the car.

Air bags and GPS systems were also targeted. Three late model Fords along Court Street near First Place had windows smashed, and the air bags or GPS removed.

“Whoever is doing this is part of a bigger network, not from around here, and they are getting quickly on the highway,” my source says.

And finally—around Feb. 7 and Feb. 8, some angry individual slashed the tires of six cars around Carroll Park.

Add in the onslaught of snow and ice, and the massive pot holes created in cold weather, and it’s been a rough month for vehicles in South Brooklyn.

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