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January 21, 2021
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Cabbies Can’t Find Brooklyn

By Lisa M. Collins

Have you ever found yourself out gallivanting a bit too late, at a fabulous Manhattan party, at, say, the penthouse of the new Gansevoort Hotel at 29th and Park Avenue, so busy looking at the sparkling city lights that you left past 1 a.m.? Hail a cab, no problem. Only to find out: The driver doesn’t know how to get to Court Street.

I thought we were way past the days of cabbies not knowing brownstone Brooklyn, but apparently it’s still an issue. Ten or so years ago, I was staying on Houston Street near 1st Ave., in the city, and tried to hail a cab to a wedding in Dumbo. Three cabs sped off when we mentioned Brooklyn, until we finally jumped into one. We had to give very exact, specific driving directions to a cabbie who argued for 15 minutes that there is no place in NYC called Dumbo.

Well so this week, this particular cabbie of mine, after I verbally walked him home over the Brooklyn Bridge, drove me fast down Court, missing my street, and then again, on Clinton, missed it again. I was tired and not overseeing him closely enough. It’s really a bummer, that late at night, to be stuck with some spastic, grouchy, clueless cabbie with nobody out on the streets. It makes me nervous. And then walking home—Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill is as quiet as the suburbs after about 10:30 at night. It’s a bit creepy. The ups and downs of living in a bedroom community.

So, there’s my rant. The cabbies should take a map course, like in London, so they can at least find Court Street, Smith Street…. the Gowanus area, forget about it. We’re still a few years from that.

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