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March 7, 2021
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In the Spotlight

Rabid Raccoon Found in Prospect Park

By Lisa M. Collins

A rabid raccoon was found in Prospect Park, the second such rabid vermin to be found in Brooklyn after one was found in Boerum Hill in February. I myself was walking along Carroll Park in late summer, talking on the phone with a friend, watching my daughter play along the metal fencing lining the park, when a squirrel that was acting very strange, wobbling around like it was drunk and angry, started lunging in the direction of my daughter. I freaked, yelled, threw my cell on the ground and grabbed my daughter. Everyone around thought I was the crazy one, but a passing father/son duo agreed the squirrel, who seemed to have some dark liquid around his lips, was acting nuts, dangerous, deranged. Being a good samaritan, I called 311, and they got the animal control folks on the line ASAP. You should do the same if you see an animal that you suspect might be rabid. Better it get trapped by animal control than bite a kid.

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