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January 19, 2021
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Brow Bar at Shen Beauty

By Lisa M. Collins
Brow Bar Int

Carrie Lindsay, eyebrow specialist, plying her skills at Shen Beauty beauty supply store on Court between Sackett and Degraw.

When I was 10, and an exuberant member of the swim team, I had a moment: A teenage female swim coach looked down upon me, panting in the water after finishing a sprint. I thought she was going to say, “Awesome time!” Instead, she said, “Your eyebrows look like a witch’s. They are so bushy and all over the place. You’ve got to do something about that!”

Yes, inappropriate. But since then, lo’ these 30 years, I’ve known that I needed a brow job, but felt hapless.

I tweezed. I fiddled with a brow liner.

And then, along came Jessica, owner of Shen Beauty, a seller of fine, European, natural and organic beauty products on Court Street, who greeted me on the sidewalk (as she was wrestling with her dog, who is larger by far than she is, and her two little boys) and said, “Hey, we have a new brow bar, it’s fantastic, people love it, come in and have your brows done and let folks know if you like it!”


I made an appointment, a little nervous, to meet the Brow Goddess at Shen Beauty on Court Street, having no idea what to expect.

Carrie Lindsay, brow specialist, immediately put me at ease.

The Illinois native is as sweet as the day is long, very friendly and generous in spirit. She said that I had great brows which she wouldn’t tweeze much, as ladies at our age might not grow them back. She’d shape them, mostly, and she suggested a tint, to darken some of the blond.

Brow Bar PricesThe tint was quick and easy, and has lasted a month, at this writing. Her tweeze and trim “cleaned” up the brows without taking away too much. My brows look awesome, if I do say so myself.

Even my husband, who normally doesn’t notice not only hair cuts or fabulous makeup applications but once, in the past, failed to notice that I had gone brunette, asked when I got home what was different, and said that whatever it was, it looked nice. Remarkable.

Anyway, if you’ve got problem brows or want to have fantastic brows, make an appointment with Carrie. You’ll enjoy your time and it’s well worth your while.

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Brands sold include: Amanda Lacey, By Terry, Suti, Ilia, Bobbi Brown, RMS, Kjaer Weiss, Becca, Jin Soon, Lafco, Kahina.  and many more.


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