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January 18, 2021
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Brooklyn Rents Near Manhattan’s

By Lisa M. Collins

It’s really depressing if you rent, as I do, and most of us do, to watch the property values in Brooklyn, all around us, continue their march to sky high. It’s an uneasy mix of feelings like you are missing something — the chance to own property that leaps in values, propelling you to buy an even bigger, grander place — and also, that you are on the verge of getting priced out.

As the chain shops (J Crew, Lululemon) and big stores (H & M, Sephora) make their way to Court Street, Smith Street and downtown Brooklyn, one wonders if we all could be witnessing the eminent demise of all the old-school, authentic, Italian, cool, local, small and artistic things that make Brooklyn great; if all the artists and designers and entrepreneurs will get priced out along with us.

Here’s the latest, in the New York Daily News, an article about Brooklyn rents soaring, while Manhattan’s dip, bringing them ever more close together.


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