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January 21, 2021
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Beats to Peep: Talabot. Miike Snow.

By Lisa M. Collins

Kossouth checks out new music just for you

What’s happening folks. I have some real nice albums to share with y’all. Three strong offerings that will continue the blossoming of Spring.

The first album is Fin by John Talabot. A producer/DJ out of Barcelona, Spain. Fin reminds me of a great old school electronic album, not necessarily due to the sound but due to the feel. It gives me that giddy, juiced up feel I had when I heard my first badass electronic album (LTJ Bukem—Earth) or song.  You hear tribal, house, drum n’ bass but it’s as though he fused these genres to create a more evolved mature sound. Talabot concocted his own distinct flavor that burst with beautiful, visceral sounds. The production is hella clean and crisp. It is very apparent that Talabot has been perfecting his craft for many years. The songs cause the body to move and the head to nod but there is a moodiness to them that trigger introspection and reflection. His sparing use of vocals is perfection, they provide a warmth and richness to the album that are often missing in electronic albums. I had moved away from electronic music because it started to sound redundant, uninspired, but Fin has brought me back. This album is thorough. Tracks to peep; Last Land, So will Be Now, Destiny, Oro y Sangre, When the Past Was Present

The second album is Pep. Love Rigamarole, a member of Hieroglyphics, is a veteran in the Hip Hop game.  Rigamarole is real proper West Coast rap album. It has that positive, buoyant, inviting California vibe that caused many of Jack Kerouac’s  On the Road readers to get in their cars and drive west. There is a energy to the album that’s infectious. The beats just feel good, my neck is sore after listens due to the hard head nodding. His flow is buttery, there is a fluidity to his cadence that compliments the production beautifully. His lyrics are empowering but rough. Don’t mistake his positivity for weakness. Charmin-like folks get squeezed real hard in Oakland.  At times, the rhymes can sound simple, even corny but the genuineness and honesty he spits on each track brings me back each time. The album has 17 tracks which is about 5-6 too many, but that leaves a strong 10-11 tracks that definitely make it worth the purchase. It’s always nice to have a little west coast energy in the mix when you can. Tracks to Peep; Top O’ the Mornin, I Know This Pain, Reflections, Cloudy Days, Can’t Nobody Do It Us, Agree to Disagree.

The third album is Miike Snow, Happy to You. I am really feeling this album. The expectations were high after the strong response to their self-titled debut and I think they met and somewhat exceeded them. The album has an edgier, harder feel to than their first but it still is very rhythmic and melodic. The production is layered, the sonics are strong and dissonant at times but the diverse sounds are expertly melded and the vocals smooth out/soften the tracks wonderfully. Happy To You grabs your attention on a primal level, the tracks truly pulse through your body. The piano/keyboard provides the foundation for the album, which gives it a lovely pace, movement.  I want to go do something active when listening to it. I have just started to focus in on the lyrics but they sound intense.

Miike Snow seems to be making a statement with this album. They are not just a feel-good, pop super group. They are a cohesive talented team of artist creating a spicy musical experience.  Tracks to Peep; Devils Work, Bavarian #1, The Wave, Pretender, God Help This Divorce.

Check out Miike Snow’s three nights of shows at Terminal 5 in the city, this week:

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