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January 19, 2021
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Charter School Meeting

By Lisa M. Collins

About 100 people showed up in the snow and sleet on Saturday at Carroll Gardens Public Library at Clinton and Union streets to hear from the CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools, Eva Moskowiz, about a charter elementary school she’s gotten the green light to open in Cobble Hill. After loud back-and-forth, some cat calling and plenty of angry, raised voices, Moskowitz called off the meeting about 20 minutes after it started.

Moskowitz has gotten the green light from the city and the state Board of Regents to open a charter elementary school in Cobble Hill.

The school has already sparked controversy and anger, mainly from charter school opponents, and also from folks concerned about the effect of a new school on the local public schools. There was some shouting, booing and hissing.

We’ll have more on the proposal, the Success Academies, and the controversy here. Keep tuned in this week.

The school will have to “co-locate” with an existing public school that, according to the DOE, has room for more students, or in DOE parlance, is under-capacity.

It’ll be up to the DOE to propose a location for the school.


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