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January 18, 2021
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By Lisa M. Collins

High He/High Heels from 2Fik on Vimeo.

An exhibition of Montreal artist 2Fik’s photography opens Saturday, Sept. 17, at Invisible Dog Gallery. The above video is from a totally separate performance of his, in Montreal.
I walk into the back gallery of Invisible Dog. 2Fik glides across the room with a graceful swing of the hips, like a runway model in full strut. He’s wearing grey and black high heels with an open toe. He extends his hand.

And there begins a personal tour of the artist’s exhibition, opening tonight at Invisible Dog (along with Korean artist Chon Gon Byun’s visual art show and a live performance at 8:30 p.m. of Chaos Manor.)

2Fik lives in Montreal, though he explains to me that he considers himself stateless, having grown up in Casablanca and Paris with his Moroccan family.

His show is photos of himself in 11 characters, acting out a narrative about a traditional Muslim couple struggling with modern western life, religion, politics, sexuality.

Though most of the photos have at least four or five characters in them, each is 2Fik, dressing up for each role, photographed in sequence and then Photoshopped together to look like a single moment in time.

“It’s a deep reflection on the human being,” 2Fik says. “My work is all about questioning identity in the large sense of it.”

Each of 2Fik’s 11 characters have a distinct identity, he explains, a name, an age, a story.

“They are people inside of me” he says. “With them all out there, you have no choice but to face the questions and try to find solutions.”

In a sneak peak of the exhibit Friday night, 2Fik sold three of the photographs.

Today, Saturday, Sept. 16, he’ll do a live performance throughout the show that Invisible Dog gallery director Lucien Zayan told me was hilarious.

I look forward to catching it. I giggle when remembering a story 2Fik told me about one of his photographs on show in the current exhibition.

He went to the park in Montreal with his suitcase of stuff and gear. He found a grassy area near water and undressed to a black bikini, a pink hijab (head scarf) and a long, flowing pink ribbon. And then he began to dance and frolick around for the photo.

“People were looking, like, what is that guy doing? What is going on?” 2Fik says. “But that’s art. Art is not comfortable. I’m used to it.”

High He/High Heels from Montreal artist 2Fik on Vimeo.

Invisible Dog

51 Bergen, by Smith St.

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