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March 3, 2021
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Wasps Invade Pier 6 SandBox

By Lisa M. Collins
Digger Wasps Invade Pier 6 Sand Box Village. They are not aggressive.

Sand Box Village, a popular play area for children at Pier 6 playground, at the end of Atlantic Avenue, was closed for about a week after digger wasps invaded the sand.

“We closed Sand Box Village to examine how they might be removed and consulted with an entomologist on how to safely do so,” said Ellen P. Ryan, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, which manages the park.

She said the entomologist [bug scientist] spread mint granules to repel the wasps, but advised that in order to kill them off, “only chemicals” would work, Ryan said.

“We opted against this of course, especially after learning that the wasps do not sting without incessant provocation,” she said.

Park maintenance is turning the sand daily to discourage the wasps from making Sand Box Village their home. The sand box was closed for about a week, and is now open. Ryan said maintenance and cleaning took place while the sand box was closed.

“Efforts continue to displace them as a nuisance, rather than an immediate danger,” Ryan said.

So—if your child is playing at Sand Box Village, make sure to tell him or her not to bother the wasps.

“They are not an aggressive species,” Ryan said.


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