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January 19, 2021
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Food + Drink

Falafel Coming

By Lisa M. Collins

Update: Nectar owner Jeff Lederman is not involved with the new falafel place. He says he invites the competition.

Walking down Court Street, between Warren and Bergen, there’s an interesting sign in the window of what used to be a strange little dress shop, at 200 Court:

“Oh my love, where have you been for the people of Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens? You have always been so good to the people that hold you. The perfect combination you are, soft on the inside yet firm sexy brown on the outside. Being with you my love always leaves us stress free and healthy. Thank you for finally coming to 200 Court St. We love you dearly. Falafel. Finally coming soon. Love, Darna.”

Well, this is good news indeed. I’ve long wondered why on Earth we didn’t have a Falafel stand in South Brooklyn. I just enjoyed one of the fried-chickpea-mix-in-a-pitas on 2nd Ave. and St. Mark’s Place—delicious, and $2. What a treat.

It should take some pressure off of Nectar, that delectable wrap/salad/sandwich/juice stand a couple doors down, on Court between Warren and Bergen. Nectar serves a humus wrap with horseradish sauce that is addicting-ly good, but for us masses who love the place, it is remarkable how long it can take to get a sandwich on the weekend, or even, often, during the week. I like to joke to myself that they are growing the veggies out back just to keep myself occupied while I wait. But clearly, the food is good enough to keep the hordes coming back.

It’s possible that the new falafel place is owned by the same smart restauranteur who owns Nectar, Jeff Lederman, who also owns Bocca Lupo (at Warren and Henry), and Strong Place. A sign on the under-construction falafel spot said for the mailman to leave mail at Nectar.

It could also be linked to Darna, at 89th and Columbus in Manhattan, a kosher Moroccan place. That might not be ideal, if the unhappy reviews on Menu Pages are any indication:, and the price listing is $$$$. I’m hoping this one is closer to the $2 falafel pita that seems so—right.

We’ll find out and let you know.



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