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June 24, 2019
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UPS Packages Stolen

By Lisa M. Collins

In December, before the holidays, someone had a heyday stealing UPS packages from doorsteps and stoops. The police at the 76th Precinct got wind of it, and Tuesday night, an arrest was made in the case.

But, not before someone had their heart broken: A package was stolen that contained home movies that had been converted to DVD.

“Some things are worth more than money,” said Capt. Jack Lewis.

It’s not clear how many holiday packages were stolen. Lewis said the thefts were going unreported, and the police heard from a tipster.

The local commander urges residents to report any theft or crime in a timely manner.

“If you don’t report it, we can’t investigate it,” Lewis said.

And there’s more than one reason to report stolen property. NYPD headquarters assigns cops to precincts based on reported crime, said Jerry Armer, President of the 76th Precinct Community Council.

“In order to keep cops on the street…. if someone steals flowers off your stoop, we need to know about it.”

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Readers' Comments

January 26, 2012
5:52 PM

Our building is still being hit. It is also happening with FedEx and USPS. I filed compaints with the USPS since stealing mail is a federal offense. I did not file with the local police, but I will now. After staying home one weekday, I suspect that the way they are stealing signed for packages left inside our building is that they watch and wait for the delivery trucks to pull up, then they go ring every buzzer until they get someone who buzzes them in the front door, then they take the package and run. They stole something my mom sent me and now I want these jerks to be punished.

January 19, 2011
3:14 AM

Not accurate that it went unreported. Our building was hit for several week and multiple complaints were filled. This story would be more helpful if there was info on whether anyone might hope to get their stolen items returned.