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October 24, 2019
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Parkour at Night

By Lisa M. Collins

Photo by Joshua Kristal

Brandon Lopez, 14, of Red Hook, practiced parkour on a recent cool night in Coffey Park, before the freeze set in. Parkour, also known as free-running, is an urban sport originating in France in which participants run and use their bodies to jump and flip over obstacles in the most efficient way possible. According to Wiki, a practitioner of parkour is called a traceur if male, or traceuse if female, after  the French adjective “traceur,” for something that leaves a trace or a trail behind it. Free-running is a bit more dramatic than parkour.

Lopez and his friend Alvin Santana, 15, had mats and were flipping off of trees and a picnic table, honing their craft.

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Readers' Comments

Kenny Gonzalez
July 22, 2011
11:04 PM

I live in Red Hook and VERY close to Coffey Park. I am 13 years old and would like to join in any free-running sessions if I can. I mostly train alone and have looked through the internet for fellow traceur!