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January 25, 2021
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Update: Hurricane Sandy. Calm Before the Storm.

By Andrea Tyrell

Update 6:43 p.m.: At this hour, it still feels calm in Carroll Gardens though winds are picking up. In Red Hook, however, flooding is prominent but not yet disastrous, and many people have opted to ride out the storm, despite a mandatory evacuation order from Mayor Bloomberg. Here are some links if you’d like to read more or see photos of Red Hook flooding.

The Red Cross is telling folks to stay put at this point, and not try to evacuate as the storm is swirling about.

Here’s a YouTube video of storm winds in Brooklyn Heights Monday afternoon breaking off a tree limb on the promenade. 

And a ConEd map of power outages in the area. We are spared thus far.


Update: 12:42 p.m.: It’s strange that Carroll Gardens is so close to a mandatory evacuation zone (Red Hook). I took a jog around 11 a.m. and there were plenty of folks out on the streets walking dogs and babies and getting last minute supplies. Tons of places were still open–including Frankies 457 which looked to be preparing for an elegant cocktail crowd. The bartender said she’d close around 2 p.m.

Abiline was also open, and the bartender Brandon said he’d keep it open as long as it was safe. I asked if he lived around here and he said Windsor Terrace, where he hoped to head home in his car. “I don’t know, unless it’s flooded all around here,” Brandon said. “Who knows, maybe I’ll sleep here.”

News is saying the storm is picking up intensity and officials feel certain there will be some havoc this evening. So stay inside! Wind is our biggest concern, but let’s say prayers and send good wishes to our neighbors in Red Hook and Gowanus that there’s isn’t too much flooding and nobody gets hurt.–Lisa M. Collins


Ok so the hurricane is supposed to start affecting Brooklyn with high rain around noon and high winds around 3 p.m., though could be earlier, according to the National Hurricane Center.

The city Department of Education is recommending that folks put together a “go” back, especially if you have kids, even if you live on high ground, just in case you have to leave your home quickly.

A “Go” bag should contain drinking water, a first-aid kit, a flashlight, important medication, essential documents like ID cars, and an extra set of keys.

Put a battery operated radio, or crank radio, onto the news station and stay put—have some fun indoors!—during the storm. But with a “go” bag, you’ll be ready if you need to leave.–Lisa M. Collins


Starting at 7 p.m. Sunday, the city is shutting down subways and buses, and NYC public schools are closed tomorrow (Monday.) One supposes the schools will be closed Tuesday as well. So—parents probably ought to stock up on wine and beer! 


The straightforward skinny on what’s up with Hurricane Sandy is to be found at the National Weather Service, which has a handy-dandy search function in which you can add  your zip and up pops a storm-surge map. Most of Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Boerum Hill is not in a flood zone, but waterfront areas, such as Red Hook, the Columbia Waterfront District and a swath of the Gowanus area, will see flooding if the rain comes as heavy as predicted.

However, according to forecasters and even Mayor Bloomberg, it’s looking like we are going to be OK. Monday will be rainy, and Tuesday’s the big question mark. Winds and heavy rain are expected but, as is always the case with weather, you almost don’t know (nor do the forecasters), until it happens. Could be worse, could blow over with nothing more than a whole lot of rain and some wind. We’ll find out Tuesday.

Stay safe folks. Don’t walk around in flying debris!!

Prep ideas: Bring in stuff from yards and fire escapes that could blow around. Years ago I had a BBQ grill that flew off my fire escape in Detroit in a rain storm and crashed to the street below. Luckily, nobody was decapitated or even hit. But, a good lesson.

Stock up on water and make sure your flash light works in case the power goes out. Pick up a battery-powered radio, they are good to have around, and tune it to a news station.

Get snacks and meals to eat in case you can’t turn on your stove or oven–think chili, cheese and crackers, sandwiches, granola bars, maybe make a pasta or rice dish to stick in the fridge…  Starting at 7 p.m. Sunday, the city is shutting down subways and buses, and NYC public schools are closed tomorrow (Monday.) One supposes the schools will be closed Tuesday as well. So—parents probably ought to stock up on wine and beer! 


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